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Beverage Menus - Drink Packages - Bar Options
We practice Responsible Service of Alcohol

We need to know about how your tables drink bill will be paid
On the booking form, Please choose from the four drink choice from below:

          Option 1:  Bar Tab: Drinks served to your table by your waiter, drinks stopped when Tab limit reached, paid before start of Tab
          Option 2:  Cash Bar: Your guests buy their drinks at their own expense, by paying cash at the bar;
          Option 3:  Add to Bill: Order as required, and a bill will presented at the end of the night for all beverages consumed
          Option 4:  Drink Package: Includes beers, wine, soft drinks & juices; applies to the whole party, minimum 3 hours

Drink Menus:

         <Beer, Spirits, Soft Drinks, Juice

         <Wine Menu

         <Cocktail Menu

Drink Packages:

Choose one drink package from below:
Two soft drink packages: Price is per person; applies to children above 5 years
Please inform us the start time

$10 - Basic Soft Drink Package
includes Coke, No Sugar Coke, Lemonade, Lemon Squash & Fanta only
          3 hours duration

$14 - Juice + Soft Drinks
includes Orange juice, Apple juice, Coke, Lemonade, Squash, Coke Zero & Fanta only
          4 hours duration

$45 - Wine, Juice & Soft Drink Package
          3 hours duration
          Soft Drinks & Juices: Coke, Lemonade, Diet Coke, Orange juice, Apple juice
          Red Wine: Mark View Shiraz, Black Pearl Merlot, Whistling Duck Cab Merlot
          White Wine: Mark View Sauv Blanc/ Sem Sauv Blanc, Whistling Duck Moscato, MV Chardonnay
          Sparkling: Jean Pierre Rosè & McWilliams Brut Cuvee

$55 - Wine, Juice & Soft Drink Package: 
4 hours duration - same drinks as above

$65 - Beer, Wine, Soft Drink Package:
          3 hours duration
          Beer:  Corona, Pure Blonde, Crown Lager, Extra Dry, Cascade Light, Victoria Bitter,
          Soft Drink & Juice: Orange juice, Apple juice, Coke, Lemonade, Coke Zero, Squash, Fanta
          Red Wine: Mark View Shiraz, Black Pearl Merlot, Whistling Duck Cab Merlot
          White Wine: Mark View Sauv blanc, Whistling Duck Moscato, MV Chardardonnay
          Sparkling: Jean Pierre Rosè & McWilliams Brut

$75 - Beer, Wine, Juice & Soft Drink Package:
           4 hours duration - Same drinks as above

$85 - Beer, Wine, Juice & Soft Drink Package:
           5 hours duration - Same drinks as above

More Info about drink packages:
          We practice Responsible Service of Alcohol, Drinks will be stopped if we find people are intoxicated
          Please read our strict RSA Rules
          Wine is served only by glass, due to RSA rules
          Spirits are not included
          Please inform the start & closing time of the drink package
          Price quoted is per person
          To avoid liquor licensing issues we enforce a 1 drink policy per person at any time
          We can get your table's waiter to bring you the drinks or you can pick up from the bar
          Everyone at the table must take the same drink package. Sorry No half & Half
          For Tabs & Drink Packages wrist bands will be given or bring your own
          So your guests can order drinks from the bar, by stating booking name & showing the band
          For large groups, you can buy wrist bands from office works or online here at

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Last update November 2023